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Comparison of  Integral Pro and TMTD seed dressing in canola.
Possibilities for herbicide-free weed control

Research questions:

Does the Integral Pro dressing have sufficient effect against the flea and phoma?
How do different weed control strategies affect yield levels as well as yield security?
Does the cover crop freeze reliably over winter?


Due to the future discontinuation of the standard seed treatment TMTD in canola, a seed with the biological Integral Pro seed treatment is being tested as an alternative. Integral Pro contains spores of the bacterium  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. This is intended to colonize the roots and to strengthen the resistance of the canola plant to phoma and the soil flea.

Study Design:

The study is set up as a strip trial.

Trial strips for canola seed dressing:

  • TMTD seed dressing or Integral Pro seed dressing

  • Trial strip of 9 m each

  • Three repetitions each

Trial strips for herbicide-free canola cultivation::

  • Cover crop strips at 9 m width

  • Chemical weed control at 9 m width

  • Weed control with harrow and hoe at 9 m width

The Tempo canola variety was sown using the precision seeding method with a sowing depth of 1-2 cm. The seed rate was 50 plants per square meter. 

Location: Altkloster


Florian Abt
+41 79 567 11 04

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